Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands (OASL)

The Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands is responsible for the collection and disbursement of stool land revenue as mandated by Article 267 (2, 6-8) of the 1992 Constitution and Act 481 and is to report to Parliament.

The formula for disbursement of revenue mobilized by the Office is as prescribed in Article 267 (6) of the Constitution.

Apart from administering stool land revenue, the Office consults and co-ordinates with the relevant public agencies, stools, traditional authorities on matters relating to administration and development of stool lands and research into stool land issues

VISION : Is to excel as a major land revenue mobilization agency for the development of communities to help alleviate poverty

MISSION : The Office exists to enhance stool lands revenue mobilization and disbursement in an equitable accountable and transparent manner and to facilitate the efficient management of stool lands for present and future generations.

VALUES : The Office is committed to Transparency, Accountability and Equity


  • To enhance revenue mobilization for disbursement.
  • To develop, manage and increase access and security to land
  • To disseminate information on land issues
  •  To facilitate demarcation of farmlands.
  • To assist in the implementation of the Land Administration Project (LAP)
  • To assist in the establishment of Customary Land Secretariats as spelt out in the Land Administration Project (LAP).
  • To research into customary land issues and document same to help reduce conflicts
  •  To intensify collaboration and consultation with chiefs to help enhance the operations of the Office
  • To step-up Human Resource Capacity building so as to improve work output.


  1. Mobilization of Stool Land Revenue
    Ground Rent
    Forest Royalty
    Mineral Royalty
    Farm Rents
    Others (sand, charcoal, mineral concession)
  2. Education and Sensitization on Stool Lands
  3. Monitoring Use of Stool Land Revenue by MMDA’s
  4. Establishment of Customary Land Secretariats
  5. Customary Boundary Demarcation
  6. Rural Parcel Right Demarcation
  7. Ascertainment of Customary Law on Land and Family


The Office is of the Administrator of Stool Lands (OASL) is headed by the Administrator of Stool Lands and supported by the Operations, Administration and Finance Departments.

The Operations Department is the technical wing of the Office responsible for strategic planning, Sensitization and awareness creation, mobilization of revenue, research into topical stool lands matters, publication, monitoring and evaluation for the Office.

The Administration Department is responsible for the general administrative services and the human resource management functions of the Office.

The Finance Department is responsible for the Collection and Disbursement of Stool Land Revenue and the general Accounting and Finance Functions of the Office.


The OASL has seven (7) Regional Offices and over Ninety (90) District Offices spread throughout the country. Regional Offices can be found in the Western, Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Greater Accra and Northern Regions.


  1. Mineral-Royalty-Disbursement_July_Aug_Sept_2018.pdf
  2. Mineral-Royalty-Disbursement_Jan-Feb-2018.pdf
  3. Mineral-Royalty-Disbursement_Jan_Feb_March_2017.pdf
  4. Mineral-Royalty-Disbursement_April_May_June_-2018.pdf
  5. Royalty-Disbursement_Jan-2017-Jan-2019.pdf
  6. Mineral-Royalty-Disbursement_Oct_Nov_Dec_2017.pdf
  7. Mineral-Royalty-Disbursement_Nov_Dec_2018_Jan_2019.pdf
  8. Mineral-Royalty-Disbursement_March-2018.pdf
  1. Bono-Ahafo-and-Ahafo-East-Regions_-Mineral-Royalties-2017.pdf
  2. Bono-Ahafo-and-Ahafo-East-Regions_-Mineral-Royalties-2018.pdf
  3. Ashanti-Region_Mineral-Royalties-2017.pdf
  4. Ashanti-Region_Mineral-Royalties-2018.pdf
  5. Eastern-Region_Mineral-Royalties-2018.pdf
  6. Central-Region_-Mineral-Royalties-2017-2018.pdf