Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC)


Precious Minerals Marketing Company, PMMC, was first established in 1963 as Diamond Marketing Board with the sole responsibility for the purchase and marketing of Ghana’s diamonds. The Company has undergone a lot of transformations through various Legislative Instruments (LIs) such as LI 401 which made it a state owned enterprise (SOE) in 1965 and NRCD 32 LI 916 which changed the Company’s name to Diamond Marketing Corporation in 1972.

In 1989, through the promulgation of PNDC law 219, the Company’s name was changed to Precious Minerals Marketing Corporation – with a new mandate and functions. The mandate was to purchase and export minerals such as Gold and Diamonds from small scale miners.


In November 2016 a directive from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Recourses made PMMC the sole assayer of Government. This changed the focus and operations of the Company.  This new direction led to the redesigning of our Vision and Mission in 2017.

Vision: To attain market leadership in service provision, value addition, trading and promotion of gold, diamonds and other precious minerals in Ghana.

Mission: To provide excellent service as the national assayer and trade cost effectively in gold,   diamonds and other precious minerals; to efficiently produce and market quality jewelry through highly skilled and motivated staff to ensure customer satisfaction and enhance shareholder value.


  1. To increase revenue year on year;
  2. To institute mechanisms that will ensure early detection of financial malpractice and fraud;
  3. Improve management and staff relationship through effective communication;
  4. Developing effective operational systems by investing in Management development activities to enhance productivity; and
  5. To provide quality assay services to gold exporters

Core Mandate: PMMC is the sole assayer of Government.


  1. To grade, assay, value and process of precious minerals;
  2. To license buying agents for the purchase of precious minerals produced by small scale miners;
  3. To promote the development of precious minerals and the jewellery industry in Ghana; and
  4. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objectives and functions.
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