Ghana Boundary Commission (GhBC)


GhBC’s vision is to ensure that Ghana’s land, maritime and air boundaries are effectively secured and managed within the framework of International Law, Peace and Security, and the AU and ECOWAS Protocols of African and Regional Integration.


To demarcate, delimit and manage Ghana’s international and internal boundaries, including settling boundary disputes through the implementation of National legislation, and Regional and International Conventions on boundary management and cross-border cooperation in Africa.


The goals of the Commission are as follows:

Determine and demarcate the land boundaries of Ghana and delimit the maritime boundaries of Ghana in accordance with accepted principles of international law

Protect and secure the interest of the Republic in determining and demarcating land boundaries and delimiting maritime boundaries of Ghana

Adopt international best practice in the demarcation of land boundaries and delimiting of boundaries of Ghana;

Promote an effective and efficient management of the boundary demarcation and delimitation processes; and

Ensure consideration of the interest of Ghanaians affected by the placement of boundaries.


1.  Negotiate with a neighbouring country concerning a land or maritime boundary between Ghana and that country;

2.  In collaboration with relevant security agencies, ensure the security of the boundaries of Ghana to safeguard the territorial sovereignty of Ghana at all times;

3.  Undertake the physical demarcation and survey of land boundaries and the delimitation of maritime boundaries;

4.  Whenever determined by the board, place buoys or other maritime markers along some or all of the courses of the maritime boundaries of Ghana;

5.  Advise government on the most appropriate strategy for the negotiation of land or maritime boundary;

6. Through negotiation, determine cross-boundary matters among communities;

7. Encourage negotiated settlement of border disputes in preference to litigation;


1.            Institutional Capacity Building of GhBC: To build the institutional capacity of GhBC as an agile and effective national security organisation responsible for securing Ghana’s international land and maritime boundaries

2.            Securing the land and maritime boundaries of Ghana: To demarcate, delimit, secure, maintain and manage Ghana’s sovereign land and maritime boundaries in collaboration with neighbouring countries and demarcate and manage internal land boundaries

3.            Boundary Dispute Resolution: To lead Government processes for the settlement and resolution of outstanding and emerging boundary disputes and issues of boundary security in accordance with international law and good neighbourliness

4.            Cross-border Governance: To improve cross-border governance, and border community development through bi-lateral cooperation and joint programmes with neighbouring countries

5.            Strategic Policy Framework: To provide research- and evidence-based policy advice and support to government on appropriate policy, strategic positioning towards the management and maintenance of Ghana’s land and maritime boundaries