Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA)

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority operates under the new Ghana Geological Survey Authority Act 2016 (Act 928). The Act 928 was enacted to replace the Survey Act, 1962 (Act 127) which established Geological Survey Department.

The Authority is mandated by the GGSA Act, 2016 (Act 928) to advise, promote and research on geoscientific issues concerning mineral resources, groundwater, environment, geo-hazards and land use planning to support sustainable economic development in Ghana.

Vision: To be a world class geoscientific resource centre.

Mission: The Ghana Geological Survey Authority, as the principal curator of national geoscientific data, has the main task to continuously generate, collect, store and archive relevant geoscientific data, and to disseminate data and information in a user-friendly way to government, industry and the public at large with dedicated and motivated staff.

Objectives: The Authority has the following objectives:

  1. To geologically map virgin areas in the country to identify various rock types and possible economic mineral potentials;
  2. To prospect for new deposits to replenish depleting resources;
  3. To diversify traditional minerals to non-traditional ones such as base metals, coltan and industrial minerals;
  4. To establish a geochemical background of the country which is directly relevant to mineral deposits, environmental aspects, agriculture, forestry, animal and human health and land use planning with a view to sustainable development; and
  5. To monitor earthquake and mitigate the effects of geo-hazards in Ghana.


  1. Mapping (Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical, Hydrogeological);
  2. Mineral Exploration
  3. Engineering & Environmental Geology
  4. Seismic (Earthquake) Monitoring