Multi-Sectorial Mining Integrated Project (MMIP)

The Multi-Sectoral Mining Integrated Project (MMIP) Appraisal and Implementation Document covers the overall strategy and activity components that the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) has developed to help curb the illegal mining menace (Galamsey) in Ghana. The MMIP is a five-year project that presents an integrated approach for achieving overall project outcomes and deliverables and represents a framework for collaboration with key stakeholders to sanitize the Galamsey menace.

This Document has been developed by technical experts and advisors in close collaboration with Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, sector Ministries and key implementing agencies with the Minerals Commission as the lead. A series of consultations at all levels were done regularly to discuss the adopted approaches and activities required to establish and implement the project.

Indeed, there has been intense stakeholder validation workshops covering four (4) Regions (Greater Accra, Western, Eastern and Ashanti) to elicit adequate buy-in and ensure local ownership of the Project Appraisal and Implementation Document (PAID).

Details of PAID include background information on small-scale mining activities in Ghana, the policy and legal framework, organizational project components structure, issues on budgeting, the projects phasing, social interventions, and training priorities.

The content of these subjects has been reviewed with MLNR, other sector ministries, agencies and stakeholders, and their comments and inputs duly incorporated. Obtaining this level of buy-in at this important stage has been a central objective in generating this document, and this approach is viewed as crucial for the continued support of the MMIP.

The MMIP is indeed an ambitious programme, and continuing with the strong spirit of collaboration and partnership demonstrated so far would ultimately enable the success of the project. MMIP-PROJECT-DOCUMENT.pdf